Anna Jodłowska-Kozłowska

On the 19th day of May, our group left Sokolow Podlaski in order to reach International Village camp in Slovakia.
We arrived 10 hours later, about 7 p.m. and after dinner, we went to meet our new roommates. The groups which we had the opportunity to meet were from: Spain, the Netherlands and Lithuania.
Daily schedule of the project was pretty simple. Everyday we had breakfast at 8.30 a.m and then in our groups, from A1 to A6 and B1 to B6, we had classes. However, the lessons were not what you would expect. Instead of boring grammar or learning vocabulary, they were based on using the language in any kind of situation. For instance, we had to act out extremely peculiar characters or answer random questions about ourselves. You would not be able to predict what the teacher had planned for today!
After the morning classes, we had lunch and afternoon activities e.g capture the flag, Hollywood (which was about making a movie together), handcrafting. Also, we couldn’t  have time to be bored even in the evenings! Campfire, karaoke, disco and movie ‘Mad Max’ ensured that we had a great time and many chances to talk and get to know our international  friends. Of course, we couldn’t have had so much fun without super teachers- Bronte, Byron, Nick (Australia), Jeff (USA) and Louis, Chloe (UK). To sum up, not only did the project improve our English and let us meet incredible people, but also it provided us with the experience impossible to forget.
Text written by Ula Hanusz
Project supervised by Anna Złotkowska and Anna Jodłowska-Kozłowska